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BlinkRoute is a mapping analytics software application that provides visual mapping of routes from thousands of vehicles and stops. BlinkRoute automates the process of integrating manifest data into maps, and allows users to quickly build custom routes and cost-optimize them based on hundredweight (cwt), fuel, and other cost factors that change as the truck picks up and drops off loads.

BlinkRoute utilizes the best of Google Maps and Bing Maps to provide a best-of-breed mapping experience across desktop and mobile platforms. The latest technologies give you dynamic heat maps and complex geospatial boundary charts.  Data can be integrated in virtually any enterprise system and converts between ESRI Shapefiles and WGS84 geodata standards to ensure compatibility with SQL Server 2016 and other modern geodata databases.

BlinkRoute Features

  • Visualize Multiple Routes Simultaneously

    BlinkRoute allows you to plot an unlimited number of color coded routes on the map to help you see route overlaps, paths, and route information such as costs, weight, length, and duration.

  • Location Tracking Through Driver's Mobile Device

    BlinkRoute does not require any specialized equipment or expensive GPS tracking devices. All a driver needs is a phone or mobile device running the BlinkRoute web app. Corporate offices or Hauler companies can track the entire fleet and watch their routes develop throughout the day.

  • Powerful Geospatial Analytics

    BlinkRoute provides multiple analytics tools including the ability to identify and find nearby customers, analyze routes by the number of pickups, weight, distance, route schedules, and various other geospatial tools. Users can plan what-if scenarios to re-arrange routes graphically to see the impact of their changes in terms of fuel consumption, distance, weight, and other costs and factors. Once a good route is determined, the routes can be saved and printed or even exported so you can import the routes into another software application or load to a GPS device.

  • Manifest Entry

    Drivers can directly enter and capture manifest and delivery documents from their mobile devices. All data is stored and able to be automatically interfaced with your ERP or transportation system within seconds from entry.

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