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What is Adaptive Consulting?

Don’t call us a training company. With 18 years of experience implementing the technologies we teach, we understand the needs of learners. That’s why we don’t consider our program offerings as training classes. In fact, we don’t even like the word training. The reality is that training becomes outdated almost before it begins to sink in. Moreover, in a hyper-competitive business world, your team must continually adapt. These adaptations are not single factor adaptations; instead there multiple marketplace factors impacting your organization. That’s why internuntius calls our internuntius online classes LEARNS. Our on-site, customized LEARN Programs are referred to as adaptive consults. So please, don’t call us trainers. We’re the gurus of adaptive learning. We’d love to help your organization Adapt.
JumpStart - Little to No Prior Knowledge
0 - 5
Academe Jumpstart - Context-focused Learning
Academe Cohere - Build on Understanding
intermediate learners
Academe Catalyst - Ignite Your Organizational Learning
advanced learners

These beginner level courses introduce technical topics in an accessible manner. The goal is to teach technical concepts while avoiding the jargon that often makes technical topics more difficult.

Academe Jumpstart provides technology training for new hires, staff with little or no technical exposure, and new technology adoption.

Cohere level courses are designed for team members who have been exposed to LEARN technologies, but who want to build on their understanding of a topic.

Cohere Learns are a follow-up for JumpStart.

Catalyst learners are the experts on your staff. These deep-dive courses train your staff in utilizing the technology in a sophisticated manner. Catalysts are also trained in becoming evangelists, allowing them to employ catalyst learning within the organization.

Catalyst Learns are a follow-up to Cohere.