Have you ever noticed that many corporate training programs are designed and delivered by people who’ve never used the programs they teach? How effective a training program could that be? Welcome to internuntius LEARN. As a consulting firm, we have spent thousands of hours both implementing and teaching some of the most valuable technology skills available to the enterprise. Through internuntius Online Learning (IOL) or our Academe Adaptive Learns, you can ensure that you’re constantly adapting to an ever-changing marketplace.

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Our online library includes slide shares, videos, and blog articles for you to explore. These Learn Resources enable you to hone important skills. The library is updated frequently. Check back often to stay up-to-date on valuable learn opportunities.

internuntius Online Resource Library

Videos and Presentations for Executives and Managers on how to survive in the Analytics Age.

Business Intelligence demos, articles,  and presentations on various BI topics including Power BI, and the entire SharePoint BI stack, as well as Oracle Cloud BI Reports, and others.
The latest demos and presentations on a variety of custom software development. We cover everything from developing images and web design, to C#, JavaScript, and API development. We also cover data topics including SQL and development frameworks such as angular and entity framework and others.

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The Enterprise Architecture category offers presentations and demonstrations on various EA, and Information Architecture topics, including taxonomy, search configuration and optimization, metadata, tagging, and content types, as well as information on various standards and enterprise frameworks.

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Enterprise Systems are ERP, CRM, Finance and Accounting systems as well as other enterprise operations systems. We JD Edwards, CIMPRO, Delph Technology, PeopleSoft, and others in this section.

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Whether you’re using SharePoint On-Premises or SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint 2016, come back soon for demos and presentations on best practices and use of key features in the world of SharePoint.

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