In a constantly changing marketplace, adaptation is the key to survival. However, rapid change can disrupt important organizational processes, stranding even the strongest competitors between action and indecision. The right business partner frees you to focus on your business, providing you with the information you need to engage in marketplace adaptations when you’re ready. Explore our services to discover how we can help you find  freedom from the complexities of marketplace disruption in your industry. 


Consulting is about freedom.  Freedom to make progress by removing roadblocks. Freedom to get things done on your terms, without getting stuck. Freedom to learn to do things yourself so you don’t have to rely on consultants.
internuntius is here to help free you from the constraints of the typical consulting model. The following outlines our key consulting focus areas.  While we are still happy to perform traditional consulting engagements, we specialize in a new type of consulting called Adaptive Consulting.  Read about our services below and contact us if have questions or would like to get started on your path to freedom.
Master the sophisticated use of data with Power BI. With power BI, you get the following:

  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Integrated Scalability
  • Enhanced Security on the cloud and on premises

With eighteen years of experience implementing business intelligence solutions, we’re ready to help you accomplish your business intelligence goals.

internuntius has been helping organizations implement SharePoint since its inception. Over time, SharePoint has developed from a simple document management system, to a fully developed content management system used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. As SharePoint experts, we have aided organizations in developing governance plans, automating workflows, and setting up document management programs.

Adaptive Consulting

When organizational learning is about meeting the challenges of marketplace disruption, should companies really invest in one-off training programs in a single skill? What's the best way to ensure your organization adapts to maintain your competitive advantage in a fast-paced and disruptive marketplace? internuntius Adaptive Consulting focuses on both short and long-term organizational adaptive needs. Focus on your core service and let us bridge organizational skills gaps, while also transferring learning. When your organization needs to adapt, don't invest in training, invest in adaptive consulting from internuntius.

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Whether it’s web apps, desktop applications, Windows store apps, iOS, Android, or Windows phone development, internuntius has your back.

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In the current business climate, sophisticated use of analytics provides a key element in laying a foundation of competitive advantage.

Analytics centered enterprises claim significant advantages over organizations without access to analytics.

(1.) The analytics-centered enterprise has more insight on customers and can tailor products and services to those customers.

(2.) The analytics-centered enterprise can optimize in response to marketplace signals;

(3.) The analytics-centered enterprise with prescriptive capabilities can identify problems before they occur, or rapidly after they occur

(4.) The analytics-centered enterprise can facilitate strategy at multiple levels of the organization

(5.)The Analytics Age enterprise can use data to create new products or businesses.

Beyond the wide range of educational content available on this site, internuntius also consults on business intelligence and analytics system implementations.

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