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How to convert JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) Julian Dates

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If you’ve ever worked with Oracle/PeopleSoft’s EnterpriseOne ERP system (also known as JD Edwards or simply JDE) you’ll quickly find that dealing with dates from the database is a bit challenging.  EnterpriseOne stores all dates in the system in Julian Date format.  EnterpriseOne has a lot of dates in every table. The Julian Date in EnterpriseOne goes back to the days before EnterpriseOne was called EnterpriseOne; back when it was just JD Edwards and it ran on an AS/400 (now called an iSeries or Series i).  Back then, disk space (DASD) was a premium.  By storing all the dates in …

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How to access the JDE Data Dictionary in SQL

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The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne database layer has been abstracted, by design, from the business and application layers.  The impact of how JDE has chosen to implement this data abstraction is that the database does not contain any table or field name aliases with meaningful, English descriptions.  When applications developers and software developers are interfacing with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system, there is often a need to have access to the Table File Definitions and Field Descriptions contained in the JDE Data Dictionary.  Without access to the table descriptions and the field descriptions, developers are not able to easily navigate …